Spring 2017 - Mosaic

Tales of the deep

Bottom of an ocean

“We know far less about deep oceans than outer space,” says John Hannigan, an environmental sociologist and author of the book, The Geopolitics of Deep Oceans.

Take home

Because it’s Canada’s sesquicentennial, we thought we’d ask some of our faculty their thoughts on things you may not have known about the country. We got a variety of responses.

Did You Know?

Ge'ez manuscript

There are only three places in North America you can study the language of Old Ethiopic, or Ge’ez, and one of them is U of T.

The World’s a Stage

Cover of book called Staging Strangers

While a night out at the theatre can be entertaining, it can also provide us an opportunity to learn about people we don’t know.

The art of health

Students at U of T Scarborough can now consider a minor in Health Humanities, the first of its kind in Canada.

From Marrakech to Ottawa

Committee considering Marrakech Treaty

It can be a struggle to get materials for those who have a disability that makes it hard to read in print. Over the last few years, U of T Scarborough’s Chief Librarian has been part of an international effort to ease that struggle.