Fall 2016 - Features

The Scarborough arts community is ready for its close-up

Illustration of people playing music and taking pictures
Berton Woodward

You may find them on the Scarborough Bluffs, acting in a historical play. In an industrial strip mall, working on visual or performance art. Or soon, in a choir or garage band—learning, playing, singing.

We're calling it: Scarborough, food capital of the world

Illustration of people eating on U of T Scarborough campus
Donna Paris

When Tyler Cowen came for a visit, three U of T Scarborough history professors knew exactly where to take him for dinner. The food was such a hit that it prompted the American author and economist to give Scarborough top praise in a subsequent blog post.

What lies beneath Lake Ontario

photo of light underwater
Patchen Barss

For a time, it seemed Torontonians had collectively forgotten that their city was at the edge of a Great Lake. That’s slowly changing, but many downtowners still go for months without a glimpse of the waterfront.

Meet Tenniel Chu

Tenniel Chu standing on a golf course
Laurie Stephens

Bring China to the world. Bring the world to China. This is Tenniel Chu’s mission in life.