Spring 2016 - Features

Inspired by Nature

Cross-section of Environmental Science and Chemistry Building
Patchen Barss

University of Toronto Scarborough’s new 10,220 square-metre Environmental Science and Chemistry Building (ESCB) connects teaching and research labs with administrative offices, centred around a sunlit atriu

Are You Experienced?

Student Leo Li with Professor Francisco Estrada
Laurie Stephens

We’ve all heard of the young job-seeker's catch-22: You need experience to get work, but you can’t get experience without the work.


Kelley Teahen

You’ve got an idea.You think it’s pretty good. But how do you translate that idea into a career? How do you know it’s a risk worth taking?

The Right Call

Alek Krstajic
Donna Paris



You negotiate the successful sale of a company for more than a billion dollars. Then what? Jet off to a new adventure every week? Move to a desert island? Retire to Florida?