Fall 2011 - Mosaic

Knowledge Hiding

work place

An employee returning to work from vacation needs to learn the new computer system that was installed when she was away. However, the co-worker who agrees to teach her leaves out vital information deliberately, which results in her struggling to do her job.

Evolution’s Engineering Secrets


The small parasitic nocturnal fly Ormia ochracea, which deposits its larvae in the bodies of crickets, locates potential hosts by using tiny, exquisitely sensitive ears that can home in on the mating call of male crickets.

Food for Thought: Rice

Cooking rice
by Dan Bender

Humans have been eating rice for about 15,000 years, and an estimated 8,000 strains of this global staple have been cultivated in just the last few thousand years.

6 Tips to Balance Your Life

When you’re a student, managing often-conflicting roles at school, home and work is a challenge. “I can’ tell you how many times I’ve had students in my office in tears,” says UTSC Management Professor Julie McCarthy.

Do Chimps Ask Why?

Andrew and Malcolm discuss

UTSC staff writer Andrew Westoll’s latest book, "The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary", explores the fraught relationship between two great apes: humans and chimpanzees.

The Global Art of Will Kwan

burning flags

Through his artwork, Will Kwan casts a critical eye at the contradictions and inequities of the globalized world, and especially what he calls the "myths of a synchronized, equitable, impartial, frictionless and sanitized world economy."

The Psychology of Prejudice

Negative stereotypes can become self-fulfilling prophecies that could undercut the performance of those in the stereotyped group.

Farmer's Market

by Kurt Kleiner

Most Wednesdays after work Kim Richard has stopped by the UTSC farmers' market to pick up fresh baked goods, or produce straight from the farm, or just some fresh-popped popcorn.