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New Vice-Dean to focus on equity

Maydianne Andrade in her lab with a student

Maydianne Andrade, right, hopes to help make positive differences at U of T Scarborough.

Professor Maydianne Andrade, a renowned scientist known for her research on spiders, is the new Vice-Dean of Faculty Affairs & Equity.

“I will be helping with the mechanistic aspects of faculty hiring and promotion,” says Andrade. “This will include overseeing procedural aspects of faculty searches, appointments, tenure and promotion, but also providing tools that will help with these processes.”

Her plan is to take a data driven approach to figuring out ways U of T Scarborough can do a better job in hiring, developing and promoting its faculty while also ensuring these processes maximize transparency and minimize the unintended effects of unconscious bias.  

The role also supports the campus’s aspiration to increase the diversity of people working here, and making sure there’s a climate that they are happy to work in and where they will flourish.

“I truly believe we’re a community that is more interested in meeting and talking out differences rather than fighting,” says Andrade. “I think UTSC can make positive changes, and not just these end points, but the process in getting there can be positive as well.”