The Culinaria Kitchen

People cooking in the Culinaria kitchen

U of T Scarborough has the only kitchen classroom in any Canadian university — and one of very few in the world. Located at SWS313, it holds up to 40 cooks at a time.

The kitchen also supports a minor in Food Studies, the first such program in this country.

Students get to cook in class! They cook historical recipes and other dishes that can help them understand social, cultural and political issues. Some of the students are in UTSC’s Intro to Food course, which, since the kitchen opened, has seen enrolment jump to 130.

Chefs have come from around the world to prepare dishes that highlight key topics in food studies, food security and traditions. 

As we said in our last issue, Scarborough is the (unofficial) Food Capital of the World. “We want to connect key questions in understanding culture and society to the everyday experiences of our students,” says Professor Daniel Bender of Historical and Cultural Studies.