Spring 2016


People on climbing wall in Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

Go through the turnstiles of the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC), take the stairs and you’ll be right next to people literally climbing the walls.

The 12.5 m rock climbing wall is one of the tallest in the area.

Enabling citizen research

Bettina von Lieres

Inside every citizen dwells a potential researcher. By promoting citizen engagement, an online research platform called Participedia aims to connect these latent researchers with those already in the field.

Breakthrough thinking

Xiao-an Zhang

A pH imbalance is serious business. Low pH levels can lead to cystic fibrosis, ischemia or cancer. But it’s been difficult to gauge these levels using current technology.

Best of both worlds

Jonathan Stokes, Professor Mandy Meriano, Chinmaya Bhatt

It’s a first: two U of T Scarborough students are about to graduate with both an Environmental Science Bachelor’s degree and a Master in Engineering.


Students looking at map on bulletin board
John Lorinc

Last fall, several students from Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in Malvern met with Raymond Cho, councillor for Ward 42, to talk traffic. They had a simmering concern about unsafe road conditions near their school.


Kelley Teahen

You’ve got an idea.You think it’s pretty good. But how do you translate that idea into a career? How do you know it’s a risk worth taking?

The Right Call

Alek Krstajic
Donna Paris



You negotiate the successful sale of a company for more than a billion dollars. Then what? Jet off to a new adventure every week? Move to a desert island? Retire to Florida?

Did you know?

Pink wall outside Doris McCarthy Gallery

Why was the outside wall of the Doris McCarthy Gallery pink?


Clare Hasenkampf, Ania Tafliovich and Garry Leonard

To many, the job of higher education is to develop informed, thinking citizens. To others, it’s to prepare students for the job market. But why not both?