Did you know?

Gallery hosts all-female exhibition

Pink wall outside Doris McCarthy Gallery

Why was the outside wall of the Doris McCarthy Gallery pink?

We went inside and discovered that the pink wall was part of the Material Girls exhibit, curated by Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek and Wendy Peart from Regina’s Dunlop Art Gallery.

“Material Girls leaps from its reference to pop-icon Madonna’s hit song into a maximalist world of deep ornamentation and layering,” says DMG director Ann MacDonald.

The exhibit explores ideas of womanhood juxtaposed with capitalism, the feminized body and space. Material Girls is different from past exhibits as all the exhibiting artists are women and the entire installation intends to defy the authority of the white cube of the gallery.

“I think we are at a place where having an all-male show, or largely male show, is so common that to have an all-female exhibition somehow feels radical,” says Matotek.

Some interior walls were painted blue and yellow, to act as colourful backdrops for the sculptures and paintings that challenge gender-based stereotypes.