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It could be transformative for U of T Scarborough—a new city—wide transit plan that would substantially improve access to the campus. The plan includes a 17-stop extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, which would end at UTSC

“This plan serves our growing student population, faculty, staff and all of the Scarborough communiy with a rational transit solution,” says UTSC Principal Bruce Kidd.

“Well-planned transit can significantly contribute to the quality of life for people in Scarborough by providing mobility,” says Professor Andre Sorensen, “with higher intensity of use along key corridors.” Sorensen is Chair of the Department of Human Geography and author of a report covering transit options for Scarborough.

With all the false transit starts in this part of the city, this one shows real promise as it’s supported both by Mayor John Tory and Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmat. Council will consider a report from the planning office and the TTC in June. Ward 43 Councillor Paul Ainslie even ensured that the report will include integrating the transit proposal with UTSC’s master plan.

UTSC is already an important transit hub in the eastern GTA—675 buses arrive here every weekday.