Campus Champions - Paige Schultz

Laurie Stephens
Image of Paige Schultz

Weekends at the family cottage and wanting to be just like her older sister provided all the opportunity and incentive Paige Schultz needed to get involved in competitive swimming.Three bronze medals in international competition later, the 23-year-old student is busy juggling school and training in the pool – and hoping to qualify this April for the Toronto2015 Pan Am & Para Pan American Games in swimming events. She’ll be in a friendly setting: the qualifying event will be held at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) on the UTSC campus.

When she’s not in the pool, Schultz spends her remaining hours on academics, majoring in geography and health with an eye towards a master’s degree in public health or teacher’s college.

Managing the demands of schoolwork and swimming has been difficult, but Schultz found that if she took courses she really liked, she was more motivated to fit studies into her busy schedule. “It is definitely hard to do, but I have to use my time wisely and work when I can, where I can.”

Schultz’s short-term goal is to compete in the Toronto2015 Pan Am Games, but regardless of the outcome of the trials in April, she is excited about the Games’ legacy on UTSC’s campus. “UTSC will get so much great exposure, and with all of the additions to our campus, we can grow and promote such healthy living and activities.”