Campus Champions - Gabriela Estrada

Laurie Stephens
Image of Gabriela Estrada

If the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre needs a full-time resident, Gabriela Estrada would happily sign up.

The 23-year-old Scarborough student jokes that she practically lives there, playing sports, volunteering, and fulfilling a work-study placement with the Athletics and Recreation department as their social media co-ordinator. On top of that, she is currently finishing an undergraduate degree in socio-cultural anthropology with a double minor in linguistics and English, hoping to work in the sports management field after graduation.

Estrada knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. She is an executive of the Scarborough College Athletics Association, volunteers on three campus committees – including Playing for Keeps, a multi-sport collaborative that includes community youth – and was just appointed to serve as a member of the TO2015 Parapan Games Wheelchair Tennis Host Committee.

She also works a second part-time job, plays on intramural and tri-campus teams, and assists at home where she lives with her father and two younger siblings.

Estrada’s involvement in sports started at 5 when her parents signed her up for baseball. Since then, she has tackled soccer, Tough Mudder competitions and long-distance running, just recently giving herself the “gift” of completing her first half marathon on her 23rd birthday.

At the Games in July, Estrada will be part of the crew ensuring the field of play is safe and meets the requirements of play. She says her role is an exciting honour, but she is even more thrilled that the competition will be at UTSC, a place she calls home.

“To me, it means being able to give back to the community that I love so much, as well as being able to be among such incredible and inspirational athletes. Being a part of this legacy happening right at home is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm so excited!”