Spring 2014 - Mosaic

Take Home: Four great literary partnerships

We often think of great writers as solitary figures, but many would not have achieved what they did without help. Four faculty members from the Department of English share their picks for great literary partnerships.

UTSC expands its Buddhist Studies network

Buddhism is well-represented in the local UTSC community, and the campus is taking a multidisciplinary approach to fostering a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy.

Did you know?

Miriam Toews

Award-winning Canadian novelist Miriam Toews became UTSC’s inaugural writer-in-residence this semester.

The World of Naan

Naan bread from Xin Jiang Restaurant
Dan Bender and Rick Halpern

The naan bread at Xin Jiang Restaurant is pillowy, its crust toothy and perfectly charred in places from the heat of the tandoor.

Self Control? Sure, if it's a pleasure

After a long day, you may be tempted to give in to the urge—grab an unhealthy snack and avoid tackling obligatory tasks. But you don’t have to.

Tracking pollutants in the oil sands

Abha Parajulee (left) and Frank Wania

The Athabasca oil sands generate almost as much debate as petroleum, as politicians, activists, academics and business leaders face off about economic benefit versus environmental impact, such as that caused by emissions. 

Discuss: Communities lift institutions

UTSC has undergone tremendous changes since 2007, when Franco Vaccarino became Principal. Mary Anne Chambers, UTSC alum and former Ontario cabinet minister, sat down to speak with the outgoing Principal, who will take a new post in August as President of the University of Guelph.

Mood Lighting

Alison Xu

The next time you want to turn down the emotional intensity before making an important decision, you may want to dim the lights first.