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UTSC honoured for web redesign

UTSC’s website has had a major upgrade to meet users’ evolving needs—and it’s getting noticed. The redesigned site won a Best in Class award in the university category at the Interactive Media Awards

The site is now more responsive— adapting readily for mobile, tablet and desktop use—and more visually engaging. Think larger photographs, and seam- lessly integrated rich media content.

“We set out to enhance the site in several key areas: content, quality, usability and visual design,” says Andrew Arifuzzaman, UTSC’s chief administrative officer. The goal was to “best represent the vibrant nature” of the campus.

Navigation to important destinations— academic departments, for example— has been improved. “As a key audience, prospective students were top of mind during the redesign process,” says Curtis Cole, UTSC’s registrar and assistant dean. “As a result, the website and our new home page are tailored to put content our future students need right at their fingertips.”

The home page also uses engaging visuals to draw visitors’ attention to faculty research profiles and feature stories.

The launch is happening in stages; by now, top-tier pages and most academic departments and centres have migrated.

The update is the result of more than two years of research and analysis. A steering committee, made up of faculty and staff members both, studied the web needs of all possible audiences. They enlisted Delvinia, a leading digital-strategy design firm, to analyze UTSC’s existing web presence and to help build something bright and new.