Spring 2014 - Campus news

UTSC honoured for web redesign

UTSC’s website has had a major upgrade to meet users’ evolving needs—and it’s getting noticed. The redesigned site won a Best in Class award in the university category at the Interactive Media Awards

From learner to leader

Anyonam Tutu-Brenpong

Anyonam Tutu-Brenpong is the first to admit she was a “horrible” student in high school. “I had no direction, I wasn’t focused, I was too social, I wasn’t disciplined,” she says.

Yet here she is at UTSC, thriving in third-year psychology. What made the difference?

A home for future wheelchair basketball stars

Wheelchair basketball game

Canada’s next generation of wheelchair basketball gold medallists is being trained here at UTSC.

Researcher wins Women in Science fellowship

Laura McKinnon, winner of the For Women in Sciene Research Excellence Fellowship

UTSC postdoc Laura McKinnon has received a L’Oréal Canada “For Women in Science Research Excellence Fellowship” for her work on the effects of climate change on arctic-nesting shorebirds.

Converging realities at TEDx

Matthew Cimone

One presenter cut up a large durian, a strong-smelling fruit of Southeast Asia, and fed some to the audience. Another asked the crowd to think deeply about their feet. A third drew a connection between “conflict diamonds” and outer space.

Professor named scientific advisor to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Herbert Kronzucker

More than one billion people in the world are chronically undernourished, according to the United Nations. It’s a statistic that Herbert Kronzucker wants to see changed.