Spring 2014

UTSC expands its Buddhist Studies network

Buddhism is well-represented in the local UTSC community, and the campus is taking a multidisciplinary approach to fostering a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy.

From learner to leader

Anyonam Tutu-Brenpong

Anyonam Tutu-Brenpong is the first to admit she was a “horrible” student in high school. “I had no direction, I wasn’t focused, I was too social, I wasn’t disciplined,” she says.

Yet here she is at UTSC, thriving in third-year psychology. What made the difference?

Did you know?

Miriam Toews

Award-winning Canadian novelist Miriam Toews became UTSC’s inaugural writer-in-residence this semester.

Two generations, three UTSC grads

Image of Courtney, Barbara and Charles Cutts

When Courtney Cutts (BA, 1998; OISE BEd, 1999) came to UTSC, she liked seeing her parents’ graduation pictures in the hallway.

Ten years of the Doris McCarthy Gallery

On March 11, 2004, Doris McCarthy herself cut the ribbon to open UTSC’s art gallery named in her honour. Since then, the Doris McCarthy Gallery (DMG) has hosted 46 different exhibitions. This photo is from the 2008 show, Paragons.

Bridging troubled waters

Patchen Barrs

When Nicholas Mandrak was seven years old, he went fishing with his father.

“The first fish I caught was a white sucker,” he says. “My father thought it was a salmon. He went in to pick it up and it milted all over him. I thought this was the coolest thing ever.”

Partners on Campus, Partners in Life

Elaine Smith

At UTSC, partnerships build community, advance research and connect us with higher learning institutions around the world. But there’s another kind of partnership on campus—couples who are both leading researchers in their respective fields.

Local Heroes

John Lorinc

When UTSC geographer Susannah Bunce was doing graduate work at York University in the early 2000s, she joined a collective called Planning Action, made up of professors, students and non-profits whose members wanted to challenge the way the City of Toronto did its planning—including the lack of s

Partnership postponed

Berton Woodward

In Egypt, couples who want to get married face high financial barriers in a country where most young people’s incomes are low. Potential husbands must provide an apartment, furnish- ings, a ring and a large wedding.

Digging data

Berton Woodward