Spring 2014


For those of us engaged in post- secondary education, the partnership between great universities and the urban regions in which they are usually located is a matter of increasing importance in our fast-changing, globalized world.

Inspired by sport

Water Velocity artwork
Shelley Romoff

Water Velocity will welcome visitors to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre—before, during and after the 2015 TORONTO Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

Take Home: Four great literary partnerships

We often think of great writers as solitary figures, but many would not have achieved what they did without help. Four faculty members from the Department of English share their picks for great literary partnerships.

UTSC honoured for web redesign

UTSC’s website has had a major upgrade to meet users’ evolving needs—and it’s getting noticed. The redesigned site won a Best in Class award in the university category at the Interactive Media Awards

UTSC expands its Buddhist Studies network

Buddhism is well-represented in the local UTSC community, and the campus is taking a multidisciplinary approach to fostering a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy.

From learner to leader

Anyonam Tutu-Brenpong

Anyonam Tutu-Brenpong is the first to admit she was a “horrible” student in high school. “I had no direction, I wasn’t focused, I was too social, I wasn’t disciplined,” she says.

Yet here she is at UTSC, thriving in third-year psychology. What made the difference?

Did you know?

Miriam Toews

Award-winning Canadian novelist Miriam Toews became UTSC’s inaugural writer-in-residence this semester.

Two generations, three UTSC grads

Image of Courtney, Barbara and Charles Cutts

When Courtney Cutts (BA, 1998; OISE BEd, 1999) came to UTSC, she liked seeing her parents’ graduation pictures in the hallway.

Ten years of the Doris McCarthy Gallery

On March 11, 2004, Doris McCarthy herself cut the ribbon to open UTSC’s art gallery named in her honour. Since then, the Doris McCarthy Gallery (DMG) has hosted 46 different exhibitions. This photo is from the 2008 show, Paragons.

Bridging troubled waters

Patchen Barrs

When Nicholas Mandrak was seven years old, he went fishing with his father.

“The first fish I caught was a white sucker,” he says. “My father thought it was a salmon. He went in to pick it up and it milted all over him. I thought this was the coolest thing ever.”