Spring 2013

Visiting professor seeks to reconcile Buddhism, science

Geoffrey Samuels

Geoffrey Samuel spent his undergraduate years at Cambridge studying physics. But during that time he also began meditating and studying tai chi. Soon, he'd become so intrigued by Eastern thought that he found himself writing his PhD thesis not on theoretical physics but on Tibetan Buddhism.

Discuss: How to be a leader

The Honourable David C. Onley (BA, 1975), Ontario's 28th Lieutenant Governor, has held many leadership roles over his career in broadcasting and public service.

Global Africa

Society Woman's Cloth
Elizabeth Harney

African artists are engaging with multiple modernities

By Elizabeth Harney

Taking charge

Loretta Marcoccia
Berton Woodward

You just never know where a co-op position will take you. For Loretta Marcoccia (BA, 1988; Specialist in Administration), it took her on a soaring career at a financial house with a legendary name.

How to lead social change

Gay rights protesters.
Christopher Cochrane

In a 1982 public opinion survey, 70 percent of Canadians expressed a negative opinion about homosexuality, and more than half said that homosexuality was “never justifiable.” When asked the same question 24 years later, in 2006, only 30 percent of Canadians had a negative opinion about homosexual

Gender equity in higher education

Moroccan protester
Ann L. Mullen

The greatest challenge in teaching undergraduate students about gender inequality is that they usually don’t recognize its existence. Gender issues, they ask? Aren’t those a thing of the distant past?

How we perceive a leader

Women leaders
David Zweig

"Leadership is in the eye of the beholder." – Joseph Nye


Ann MacDonald

The visual world Mélanie Rocan creates with her paintings is a swirl of objects and emotions. Her art traverses many eras, from Surrealism to Expressionism, but she owes perhaps her greatest impulse to the Symbolist outgrowth of Romanticism.

Boundless campaign will transform UTSC

Boundless launch

The University of Toronto Scarborough launched the largest fundraising campaign in its history on November 14, 2012, at Miller Lash House on Old Kingston Road.

UTSC leads with new academic plan

Instructional Centre.

Last September, UTSC launched six new academic departments and revamped its curriculum under a new academic plan that will keep UTSC at the forefront of higher education.