Over the last five years UTSC hasn't stood still for a moment. Our campus has experienced a remarkable suite of changes–a transformation, really¬–and along with my colleagues it has been an honour to lead this process.

Now the time has come for us to begin a new era. Building upon what we've already achieved, this past November we launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in our history - Boundless UTSC. I hope all of you–students, staff, faculty, alumni, partners and friends–will bring your generosity to the fore and join us in this exciting venture.

Boundless UTSC is about cementing the university's leadership role on the local, national and international scene. With that in mind it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Spring 2013 issue of UTSC Commons, which fittingly takes the theme of "leadership."

On page 10, learn more about the priorities of Boundless UTSC and meet one of many promising undergraduates who has already benefitted from the generosity of the UTSC community. On page 16, learn how an alumnus from UTSC's renowned management co-op program went on to become a leader in the high stakes world of global finance. And on page 6 eavesdrop on a conversation between the 28th Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario The Honourable David C. Onley and his son Robert, both accomplished leaders and both proud alumni.

As they train and inspire the leaders of tomorrow UTSC faculty continue to ask important scholarly questions about the nature of leadership itself. How do our predispositions affect how we perceive our leaders (page 24)? How does gender parity play out in the leadership of higher education (page 23)? What do past social movements have to teach us about the best way to lead positive change (page 22)?

Broadly speaking, the goals of the Boundless UTSC campaign are to strengthen the university's ability to prepare the next generation of global citizens, and to harness the latest science and technology to meet the most important challenges facing our planet. As this magazine clearly demonstrates, UTSC is uniquely well positioned to accomplish both of these aims. With your help our potential knows no bounds.

Professor Franco Vaccarino
Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
Vice President, University of Toronto