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UTSC leads with new academic plan

Instructional Centre.

New facilities like the Instructional Centre will complement UTSC's ambitious new academic plan.

Last September, UTSC launched six new academic departments and revamped its curriculum under a new academic plan that will keep UTSC at the forefront of higher education.

“We’re exploring new areas of scholarship that will make a University of Toronto Scarborough degree even more exciting,” says Dean Rick Halpern.

Six new academic departments have been created: Arts, Culture & Media; Anthropology; Human Geography; Historical & Cultural Studies; Political Science; and Sociology. Two extra-departmental units have also been created: the Centre for French & Linguistics and the Centre for Critical Development Studies.

The departmental reorganization is accompanied by a broad change in course offerings, which will see an emphasis on new and emerging areas of scholarship at the undergraduate level and an expansion of graduate studies. The plan also seeks to build upon UTSC’s strength in experiential education.

Supporting these new initiatives are an increasing number of faculty—about 30 new hires this year alone—as well as new facilities, such as the recently completed Instructional Centre.

“We intend to help shape the discourse around the place and purpose of the 21st-century university,” says Halpern. “Meanwhile, UTSC will continue to operate on the frontiers of scholarship.”