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Big news from management

Management students continue to win awards as the management department wins accreditation for its Bachelor of Business Administration program.

Recent graduates from UTSC’s Department of Management—Michelle Lung, Yi Siang Tai and Paras Rambhiya—made the 2012 Uniform Evaluation (UFE) National Honour Roll, administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO).

The three UTSC management students were part of a small group of only 21 students named to the honour roll out of 1,279 applicants who passed the UFE in Ontario this year.

“We are so proud of our graduates for making this prestigious list,” says Sandra Daga, associate chair (teaching) of management at UTSC. “Their success speaks to their talents and hard work, but it also says something about the quality of our students. We couldn't be happier.”

In addition to the success of its graduates, UTSC’s Department of Management is celebrating another recent achievement. The Bachelor of Business Administration (regular and co-op) program has received accreditation from the ICAO, which measures the quality of faculty, students, research and curriculum at institutions to help promote excellence and critical mass in university accounting and business programs in the province.

“This accreditation is welcome recognition that UTSC management is in the upper echelon of undergraduate business programs in this province,” says Daga. “Accounting students who graduate here are in demand in Ontario and across the world. Our recent achievements demonstrate our continued commitment to student success.”