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All for one at UTSC


Ayan Talukder (left) and Pagalavan "Pags" Thavarajah model the popular "1 Love UTSC" logo.

A new student union campaign is spreading the love by uniting UTSC students under one banner. Launched in early November 2011, the 1 Love UTSC campaign aims to bring all UTSC students, including the myriad student groups, together into a single campus community.

“We have such a diverse group of students, which is great,” says Pagalavan “Pags” Thavarajah, president of the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU). “But we were looking for a creative and relevant brand that represented the whole UTSC community, something to bring us together on a happy, high-spirited level.”

And the 1 Love UTSC campaign has done just that. When the campaign was first posted on Facebook, it was well received by students, registering a few hundred ‘likes’ in only a few hours. T-shirts, sweaters and tuques sporting the campaign logo, which incorporates UTSC’s striking new visual identity, have been very popular among students and faculty. As well, the recent 1 Love UTSC skating event, attended by several student groups, helped raise more than 12,000 donations for CTV’s Toy Mountain Drive during the Christmas season.

“It’s been amazing how viral and powerful this campaign has become,” says Thavarajah. “Hopefully we can move forward with it in more events in the future.”