Spring 2012

Hire Power wins gold

Hire Power image

A popular UTSC “survival skills” employment conference recently won high honours at the District II Accolades Awards competition sponsored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

Andrew Stark wins Fulbright

Legal battles over intellectual property often pit giant corporations against one another in multi-million dollar lawsuits. What can a philosopher hope to add?

All for one at UTSC


A new student union campaign is spreading the love by uniting UTSC students under one banner. Launched in early November 2011, the 1 Love UTSC campaign aims to bring all UTSC students, including the myriad student groups, together into a single campus community.

Food for Thought: Heat

Chili peppers
by Dan Bender

Dining at Karaikudi Restaurant in Scarborough promises “the essence of South Indian cuisine.” But in fact, the restaurant, offers a spicy taste of the Columbian Exchange, one of the most dramatic exchanges of food and commodities—as well as disease—in human history.

The Divine Secrets of Emotional Intelligence

by Andrew Westoll

No one would deny that Dr. Steven Stein (BSc, 1972) is a very intelligent man. A clinical psychologist, the CEO of a very profitable company and an expert on psychological assessment, Stein is also a best-selling author and a very busy public speaker.

Cultural showcase

Dance crew
by Kurt Kleiner

UTSC students hail from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and their unique perspectives, experiences and talents are showcased every year during the highly anticipated student-run event Mosaic.

A Tall Couple

A Tall Couple
by Ann MacDonald

Louis Archambault (1915–2003) created A Tall Couple, the bronze sculpture nestled in the perennial gardens by UTSC’s H-wing patio.

Take Home: 10 ways to improve your emotional intelligence

UTSC alumnus Dr. Steven Stein (BSc, 1972) is a clinical psychologist and an expert on emotional intelligence, or EQ.

Climate governance experiments

Bixi bikes
by Matthew Hoffmann

The dust has settled on the latest round of global climate negotiations, with glimmers of hope that an international treaty to combat this most serious of problems could be in the offing in the near future.

Breakthrough Thinking: A new window into Alzheimer's

Amyloid plaques
by Kurt Kleiner

UTSC researchers are pioneering a new technique to explore the formation of amyloid plaques—protein deposits which play an important role in causing Alzheimer’s disease—and help find treatments for the disease.