Fall 2016


Politicians Mitzie Hunter, John McKay and Jennifer O'Connell speak with Jeffrey Dvorkin

Three local politicians—all UTSC grads—consider the direction of the eastern GTA and our campus’s role in it.

Don't Believe the Buzz

Scott MacGivor
Bianca Quijano

By now you’ve read the headlines. You may have even watched a documentary or two. Bees all over the world are dying and it’s bad for everyone. But beware of false advice that might contribute to the problem.

The Scarborough arts community is ready for its close-up

Illustration of people playing music and taking pictures
Berton Woodward

You may find them on the Scarborough Bluffs, acting in a historical play. In an industrial strip mall, working on visual or performance art. Or soon, in a choir or garage band—learning, playing, singing.

We're calling it: Scarborough, food capital of the world

Illustration of people eating on U of T Scarborough campus
Donna Paris

When Tyler Cowen came for a visit, three U of T Scarborough history professors knew exactly where to take him for dinner. The food was such a hit that it prompted the American author and economist to give Scarborough top praise in a subsequent blog post.

What lies beneath Lake Ontario

photo of light underwater
Patchen Barss

For a time, it seemed Torontonians had collectively forgotten that their city was at the edge of a Great Lake. That’s slowly changing, but many downtowners still go for months without a glimpse of the waterfront.

Meet Tenniel Chu

Tenniel Chu standing on a golf course
Laurie Stephens

Bring China to the world. Bring the world to China. This is Tenniel Chu’s mission in life.

Business is Booming in the Borough

Scarborough Civic Centre

Development in Toronto rivals that in Chicago, Los Angeles and even New York. But most of the attention goes to the downtown core, sometimes leaving Scarborough out of the picture.

Nuclear Numbers

Dorian Russell

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is undertaking a multibillion-dollar project to refurbish the Darlington Nuclear Generating


Bruce Kidd

Scarborough may be well known, but it hasn’t been known well. This area of the city has been woefully underserved in terms of public investment—certainly in public transit, economic
development and health facilities.

Big screen on campus

Marquee that reads Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival

U of T Scarborough has rolled out the red carpet (well, maybe not literally) once again for the annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival.