Six awesome things in the GTA  

(or, just a few reasons Scarborough is the centre of the universe)

What’s so great about being in the east?

We asked members of the U of T Scarborough community to give us examples. Here’s a sampling of what they told us.

1. Babu’s Sri Lankan Takeout

  • "Savory, spicy, authentic (so my Sri Lankan students tell me) food at reasonable prices. Their Bonda (potato balls) are round bits of the divine," Maydianne Andrade, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Biological Sciences.

2. Highland Creek Trail from UTSC to the lake

  • "It is particularly spectacular in the fall," William Bowen, Associate Professor and Chair, Arts, Culture & Media.

3. Lamanna's Bakery 

  • "Amazing cakes. Great sandwiches. People actually travel from the west end of the city to taste their wares," Sandra Bamford, Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Sociology.

4. Miller Lash House

  • "Go into the valley and visit this place. It’s a great walk that helps me to refocus my thoughts after a long day of work/ research/thinking," Bernie Kraatz, Vice-Principal, Research.

5. Rouge National Urban Park

  • "Hiking trails, larger than Central Park in New York, they have guided walks and nature hikes, or you can explore on your own. You forget that you live in a large urban centre," Prof. Sandra Bamford.

6. The Waterfront

  • "All of it. In Pickering, so few people realize there are protected sand dunes [near Frenchman’s Bay]. I actually rode from Niagara to  Quebec  along  the  waterfront," Jennifer O’Connell, MP, Pickering-Uxbridge.

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