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Insta-famous: the UTSC story behind the global sensation

INstagram photo of Drake sitting on Instructional Centre

Picked up by news media around the world, the uoftdrizzy Instagram account has more than 17,000 fans— including Drake himself—following, liking and posting comments.

The parody account features images of the Toronto-born rapper placed in various landmarks around campus, captioned with snippets of his lyrics. It’s become UTSC’s unofficial mascot.

The UTSC student artist behind the account isn’t just into Drake and Photoshop—the Instagrammer also runs a youth basketball program and has counselled women and children living in abusive environments. One rule: No U of T Drizzy on the week- end. That time is spent disconnected from the online world, connected to family, friends and Sunday meal prep.

To freely capture student life, the Instagrammer remains anonymous, and plans to continue U of T Drizzy as long as it’s entertaining. “I put a lot of love into it. I feel I get a lot of love back.”