UTSC Library Maker Space

3-D Printer

Libraries aren’t what they used to be. They still have books, but they’re branching out. Case in point: UTSC’s Makerspace.

The 1,400-square-foot centre features a 3D scanner, a 50-inch screen with integrated computer, mobile whiteboards, 20 seating spaces, photo and document scanners and desktop computers with design software.

Classes can use it for assignments. Students can use it for anything they’re working on—even if it’s not program or course-related.

Students and faculty use the 3D printer, which uses a PLA bio- degradable plastic filament made from cornstarch, tapioca roots and sugar cane, to create experimental or hard-to-find objects for their research experiments.

A number of apps allow users to design printable files. In some cases— like— examples of 3D creations come complete with tips from the people who designed them.