Fall 2016


Six awesome things in the GTA  

(or, just a few reasons Scarborough is the centre of the universe)

What’s so great about being in the east?

We asked members of the U of T Scarborough community to give us examples. Here’s a sampling of what they told us.


Alen Hadzovic speaks to a class

Science and art come together through interdisciplinary workshops

Alen Hadzovic has won an award for watching paint dry, sort of.

UTSC opens fields in the north end

Multiple images of students playing different sports

During the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, the Morningside Athletic Fields were the site of the horseback riding portion of the modern pentathlon.

Did you know?

INstagram photo of Drake sitting on Instructional Centre

Picked up by news media around the world, the uoftdrizzy Instagram account has more than 17,000 fans— including Drake himself—following, liking and posting comments.


Politicians Mitzie Hunter, John McKay and Jennifer O'Connell speak with Jeffrey Dvorkin

Three local politicians—all UTSC grads—consider the direction of the eastern GTA and our campus’s role in it.

Don't Believe the Buzz

Scott MacGivor
Bianca Quijano

By now you’ve read the headlines. You may have even watched a documentary or two. Bees all over the world are dying and it’s bad for everyone. But beware of false advice that might contribute to the problem.

The Scarborough arts community is ready for its close-up

Illustration of people playing music and taking pictures
Berton Woodward

You may find them on the Scarborough Bluffs, acting in a historical play. In an industrial strip mall, working on visual or performance art. Or soon, in a choir or garage band—learning, playing, singing.

We're calling it: Scarborough, food capital of the world

Illustration of people eating on U of T Scarborough campus
Donna Paris

When Tyler Cowen came for a visit, three U of T Scarborough history professors knew exactly where to take him for dinner. The food was such a hit that it prompted the American author and economist to give Scarborough top praise in a subsequent blog post.

What lies beneath Lake Ontario

photo of light underwater
Patchen Barss

For a time, it seemed Torontonians had collectively forgotten that their city was at the edge of a Great Lake. That’s slowly changing, but many downtowners still go for months without a glimpse of the waterfront.

Meet Tenniel Chu

Tenniel Chu standing on a golf course
Laurie Stephens

Bring China to the world. Bring the world to China. This is Tenniel Chu’s mission in life.