Image of artwork with city in background

A new minor will allow students to get hands-on experience in learning about the connection between cities and culture.

Culture, Creativity and Cities allows students to take interdisciplinary courses with similar themes and use the credits towards earning a minor. “It looks at how cities foster creativity and innovation through culture, which shapes their development,” says Dan Silver, associate professor
in the Department of Sociology, where the new minor is based.

The minor culminates with a new fourth-year “capstone” course, which will give students a chance to apply their learning in a practical way.

“In the capstone course, students will be able to get their hands dirty collaborating and working on data as they create their final research project,” says Clayton Childress, assistant professor in Sociology.

As an interdisciplinary path focusing on urban creativity, this program is unique. “We think we’re getting ahead of the pack,” Childress says.