Students, faculty benefit from Cities Lab

Window of cities lab in UTSC library

Tucked in the middle of the UTSC library is a space devoted to a better understanding of cities.

Shared by the departments of Human Geography and Sociology, the Cities Lab is both a research space and a seminar room. Faculty members work with teams of undergraduates on research projects, using high-speed computers with specialized software such as geographic information systems (GIS) and NVivo, which is used for qualitative research.

The lab supports teaching and research into urban trends and transformations, with a unique focus on the growth and development of cities. “Cities and urbanization are central to the way the contemporary world is being transformed, and present a wealth of research opportunities,” says Professor André Sorensen, chair of the Department of Human Geography, “as well as a wide range of career options for our students.”

The need for a dedicated lab comes primarily from UTSC’s City Studies program, which now has 240 students, plus a growing Co-op program.