Fall 2015

The Stress of Policing

Police arresting a protestor

It’s no secret that police officers work in high-stress environments.

The Rock-Cut Churches of Ethiopia

Michael Gervers in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the world’s oldest Christian nation, dating back to the 4th century. Hundreds of rock-cut churches line the country’s highlands, but little is known of how they are built.

Still a student of Canadian public opinion

John Wright

If anyone has a finger on the pulse of contemporary Canada, it’s John Wright (BA, 1980).


Picture of the UTSC Observatory and telescope
  • The roof of the Science Wing offers panoramic views of the Highland Creek Valley—and an opportunity to take a closer look at the universe.
  • There’s a 30-cm reflector telescope up there. It was installed in 1976, but had been out of use for the last 10 years.


Professor Will Kwan

The world is an urban place, and it’s only going to become more so. Cities are magnets for people seeking opportunities for employment and creative pursuits.

What makes a city livable?

Illustrations of elements of a city, such as cyclist, taxi, house, store, tree
Donna Paris

Most people in the world live in cities, but choosing which city is often a personal decision. Perhaps we grew up there or our family and friends are there. Or we might be seeking work opportunities, amenities that matter to us, or simply a place where we will be accepted and included.

Students and the City

Elaine Smith

U of T Scarborough is set among trees and dedicated green space. But there’s no doubt it’s an urban campus with urban students.
This is especially true of Co-op students, who become part of Toronto’s large urban workforce as part of their education

Toronto the Wild

Wild - text with racoon and goldfish
Patchen Barss

Sidling through ravines and parks, creeping across gardens and lawns, swimming down rivers and scrambling up trees, a panoply of beasts makes our city denser and more diverse than any mere human census would suggest.

It's a double life

Ravi Gukathasan
Berton Woodward

If you meet Ravi Gukathasan (U of T PhD, 1986; UTSC BSc, 1982), he is bound to strike you as a joyful person—bright eyed, high energy, full of smiles and laughter. In October 2013, he had every reason to be joyful about his nearly three decades in business.

Privatizing the Peace

Picture of security guard at Vancouver Olympices
John Lorinc

Law enforcement spending has long been the third rail in most democratic societies, and calls to cut funding for cops are often seen as political suicide. But U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, facing severe budget pressures, has made dramatic moves to rein in police expenditures.