Fall 2015


The word campus suggests an inward-looking community, set apart. That may have made sense several generations ago. But a modern university campus must be deeply engaged with both the local and the global.

High honour for community builder

Karen Young, winner of the 3M National Student Fellowship

Karen Young, a fourth-year Psychology and Health Studies major in UTSC’s Co-op program, is the first UTSC student to receive the prestigious 3M National Student Fellowship, which recognizes 10 students across Canada each yea

A university path for Seneca students

Students sitting in library

A new academic transfer agreement between Seneca College and UTSC allows graduates from Seneca’s new Arts and Science diploma program to enroll in UTSC courses if they meet certain admission requirements.

Top of the Class

Anh Cao at convocation

Thanks to Anh Cao, UTSC received the honour of having U of T’s top student for the third year in a row.

The Stress of Policing

Police arresting a protestor

It’s no secret that police officers work in high-stress environments.

The Rock-Cut Churches of Ethiopia

Michael Gervers in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the world’s oldest Christian nation, dating back to the 4th century. Hundreds of rock-cut churches line the country’s highlands, but little is known of how they are built.

Still a student of Canadian public opinion

John Wright

If anyone has a finger on the pulse of contemporary Canada, it’s John Wright (BA, 1980).


Picture of the UTSC Observatory and telescope
  • The roof of the Science Wing offers panoramic views of the Highland Creek Valley—and an opportunity to take a closer look at the universe.
  • There’s a 30-cm reflector telescope up there. It was installed in 1976, but had been out of use for the last 10 years.


Professor Will Kwan

The world is an urban place, and it’s only going to become more so. Cities are magnets for people seeking opportunities for employment and creative pursuits.