Fall 2014 - Mosaic

Aim high to get the big picture

Image of Pankaj Aggarwal

The next time you start planning for the futurte you may want to head for higher ground. A new UTSC study reveals that height—or even the perception of height—can affect mental processes and decision-making.

The benefits of playing it close to the vest at work

Image of David Zweig

When it comes to hiding knowledge from your colleagues, not all behaviour can be considered equally negative. In fact, some types of knowledge hiding may actually improve co-worker relationships and break the cycle of the negative behaviours within organizations.

Culinaria brings food studies to the table

Image of satay with sauce, cucumbers and onions

The study of food involves the study of so much else—everything from family and community to migration, colonialism and even the origins of modern capitalism itself.

Innovation in the public sector: it's not an oxymoron

Image of Sanford Borins

Public sector innovation is alive and well according a new book by UTSC Management Professor Sandford Borins.


Image of Lester B. Pearson with students

In 1964, there was no internet, there were no electric cars and you had to leave the house to watch a movie. Yet interesting things still happened! Here are some highlights from the year U of T created Scarborough College.

Students can now minor in English to Chinese translation

Image of chinese text, reading "English to Chinese translation"

Chinese is now the third most commonly used language in Canada and the demand for translation services is exploding in a number of fields.

The challenge of finding life out there

Image of planets

The search for life on planets outside our solar system may be more difficult than previously thought according to a recent study led by UTSC Assistant Professor Hanno Rein.