The UTSC Story

Image of carved tree

Before there was UTSC, there was a turn-of-the-century, summer escape from the city heat of Muddy York for Toronto businessman Miller Lash. In 1911, he purchased 375 acres in Highland Creek Valley and built a 17-room mansion and working farm. In 1944, three years after Miller Lash passed away, local insurance broker E.L. McLean bought the estate and put in a grand-sized swimming pool.

In 1963, anticipating the huge cohort of post-World War II baby boomers graduating from high school and looking toward higher education, the University of Toronto wisely made plans for two new campuses in the eastern and western regions of the Greater Toronto Area. The university purchased 202 acres of the Miller Lash Estate from E.L. McLean and another 70 acres north of Ellesmere for a campus in Scarborough.

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