Students step up

An active student body has been at the heart of UTSC's growth as a campus and as a community

Students planting a tree

In true University of Toronto tradition, UTSC students have demonstrated a penchant for activism through campus activities.

Once the campus was established, it didn’t take long for students to seek control of their own destinies through governance. They formed the Scarborough College Students’ Council in 1966 and it is still making its mark almost 50 years later, as the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union.

Students have often been prime movers in helping to improve the campus. In 1978, students voted for an SCSC-sponsored student levy for 10 years to support construction of the new Vincent W. Bladen Library. The levy raised $400,000. In 2001, students made an unprecedented commitment to the campus by pledging more than $20 million to build a new Student Centre, which opened in 2004.

There have been smaller initiatives as well, such as an SCSC initiative that improved building access for the physically disabled, and Radio Scarborough, established in 1972 and still going strong as Fusion Radio.

Students have also made an impact in the wider community. The Save the Rouge Valley System group, begun in 1975, was the major force behind the creation of Rouge Park. A month-long fundraising effort in 2005 raised $25,000 for the victims of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami.

For a third time, students were asked to step up, and for the third time, they showed their commitment to community and campus. In 2010, students approved a tuition levy that will contribute $30 million over approximately 25 years toward the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre at UTSC, which opened its doors this September. The centre, a project operated jointly with the City of Toronto, is a new hub not only for the campus, but also for Scarborough community groups and families.