Did you know?

Elite management program is a first in Canada

Image of Adam McGrath

Adam McGrath was among the first students to be admitted to UTSC's innovative new Management & International Business program.

“I like to take a global perspective,” says Adam McGrath, a second-year student in UTSC’s groundbreaking specialist degree in Management & International Business (MIB). “This program gives me that opportunity.”

MIB students will study for a semester at a business school abroad and receive a co-op placement there. This is U of T’s only undergraduate international business program, and the only such program in Canada with a mandatory study-abroad component.

When UTSC launched the MIB, word about the program spread quickly. McGrath is one of only 40 students who were selected out of 700 to apply for the program in 2012, the first year it was offered. Another 40 were selected out of 800 applicants this year.

McGrath and others in his cohort are keen to learn about international business academically and also gain real-world experience. In 2015, he’ll be studying at the National University of Singapore, and will be placed in a co-op job there.

“It’s a cool opportunity,” he says. “This will give me the chance to go someplace I’m not familiar with and see what it’s like to live and work in a different country.”

The program attracts students who are academically outstanding, have a global mindset and demonstrate commitment, leadership and the problem-solving ability needed to thrive in an unfamiliar country. They have exceptional communication skills and the interpersonal awareness to effectively adapt. Of those admitted last year, 76 per cent speak other languages—53 per cent are bilingual and 23 per cent trilingual.

Foreign study for the first cohort will begin in 2015 and will include placements in England, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.