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TD Bank Group donates $1 million to UTSC

Students conducting research in Rouge National Urban Park.

UTSC Students conduct research in the Rouge National Urban Park.

Our understanding of near-urban green zones like the Rouge National Urban Park may help us better manage storm runoff, soil erosion and carbon dioxide emissions—vitally important given extreme weather events like the flooding in Toronto this past July.

A $1 million gift from TD Bank Group will create a professorship in the Department of Biological Sciences focusing on environmental studies. It will also provide undergraduate and graduate research scholarships.

“UTSC has particular research strengths in biological and environmental science along with a profound commitment to hands-on education,” says UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino. “We’re grateful to TD for this generous gift and excited by the potential to push the boundaries of our understanding of the natural environment with Canada’s first national urban park as our lab.”

UTSC’s location in Highland Creek is adjacent to the Rouge Park, a 40-square-kilometre ecological “buffer zone” in the midst of one of North America’s largest cities. The park features a variety of ecosystems including farms, forests, meadows and the city’s largest wetlands. UTSC has been named Parks Canada’s primary research and education partner in the Rouge.

The gift contributes to UTSC’s drive to raise $35 million for key priorities, and is an integral component of the University of Toronto’s $2 billion Boundless campaign. On September 16th, the University announced it had surpassed $1.3 billion—a historic high water mark for fundraising in Canada.