Did you know?

Don Campbell

There’s a buzz, literally, around the UTSC campus—we’re getting more honeybees.

Beekeeper Brian Hamlin will place three new hives in the Highland Creek Valley behind UTSC next spring as an expansion of the university’s Project Honeybee, which aims to engage local students as well as members of nearby communities in learning more about these busy insects and their important role as pollinators. The new hives will join three others that were placed on the roof of the Social Sciences Building in 2010.

“Even though they are [small] insects, they do a lot of good,” says Hamlin. “And it’s remarkable how important they are to our survival.”

The industrious honeybee is indeed an essential part of the ecosystem. Honeybees pollinate crops and flowers, and have of late taken on a more significant role in pollination because of the population decline of butterflies and wild bees. Another plus is the honey they produce, which is sold at local farmers’ markets to help support the project.