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Management students walk the walk

Kurt Kleiner

Management students are gearing up for the much-anticipated LIVE Conference 2012 this fall—a two-day national business convention geared to them and hosted by UTSC in collaboration with the Management and Economics Students’ Association (MESA).

Says David Zweig, chair of UTSC’s department of management, “This conference is critically important to the department. The ability to organize an event of this scale is an excellent indication of the quality of our students.”

The annual LIVE conference, which is held in various venues in downtown Toronto, brings together business and management students from all over Canada for seminars, networking opportunities and the conference’s highlight event: LIVE Curriculum.

An intense multidisciplinary competition featuring simulated business scenarios, LIVE Curriculum tests the decision-making skills of participating teams of students, who are then judged by industry professionals. Every year, the topic for discussion at this event is a closely guarded secret, to be revealed on day one of the competition. Subjects in the past have ranged from land development to how to manage a resort.

The planning and organizational strategy is implemented by a team of 17 UTSC students overlooked by an advisory board comprised of faculty and past student organizers. This year the team co-chairs are fourth-year student Stephanie Leung and third-year student Precia Darshan.

According to Leung, much of the value of the conference comes from the experience that students gain in interacting with one other and with business professionals. And, she adds, the networking and social events are as important as the seminars and competition.
“A ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy is something we believe in—there’s a social aspect as well as a business aspect,” says Leung. “[The] experience is something you can take away and remember for the rest of your life.”