Fall 2012

Builder chosen for new aquatics centre

Aquatics centre

PCL Aquatics Centre 2012 has won the bidding to design and construct the new aquatics centre and field house complex at UTSC, which will host several of the sports events at the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games, as well as provide the eastern GTA with unparalleled athletic opportunities for decade



“Healthy” and “happy”—these words go hand in hand. Indeed, a growing body of medical and psychological evidence shows strong, mechanistic links between happiness and health.

Management students walk the walk

Kurt Kleiner

Management students are gearing up for the much-anticipated LIVE Conference 2012 this fall—a two-day national business convention geared to them and hosted by UTSC in collaboration with the Management and Economics Students’ Association (MESA).

Fried Bread

Dan Bender

Bread slathered with butter is tasty, but bread fried in butter—the South Asian puri (or poori) —is glorious.

Physical and Environmental Sciences receives major accreditation

by Don Campbell

UTSC’s department of physical and environmental sciences (DPES) has received accreditation from Canada’s leading environmental sciences professional development organization—a landmark accomplishment for the program.

An artist for anxious times

Modris Eksteins
Kurt Kleiner

That Vincent van Gogh was a failure during his lifetime is not merely an irony, according to Modris Eksteins, UTSC history professor emeritus; it’s central to his appeal to us in the modern world.

Musician Steven Page To Speak During Mental Health Awareness Month

by Don Campbell

This October—Mental Health Awareness Month—the University of Toronto Scarborough will host a series of workshops and guest lectures, including an appearance by Canadian musician Steven Page.

Take Home: 7 tips for a better lunch break

A "dedicated" lunch break can help you work better and feel better, according to John Trougakos, professor of organizational behaviour at UTSC. It's how you take your break, he says, that will affect how much you benefit from it.

David Suzuki Gives 2012 Watts Lecture

Environmental icon and award-winning science broadcaster Dr. David Suzuki delivered the 36th Watts Lecture at UTSC on March 5, 2012.

Breakthrough Thinking: The Zen of self-control

Kurt Kleiner

Rimma Teper has always found her meditation sessions relaxing and therapeutic. Now, as a doctoral candidate in psychology at UTSC, she’s helping to understand why meditation is also good for boosting self-control.