Fall 2012


Paul Harpley

Paul Harpley BSc 1978 Conservationist, naturalist and artist Paul Harpley has a deep, long-time connection to the Rouge Valley. As a child he spent summers at his grandparents’ cabin in the area, fishing and canoeing the lower Rouge.

Did you know?

Don Campbell

There’s a buzz, literally, around the UTSC campus—we’re getting more honeybees.

Everybody in the pool

In two years, UTSC will open its first-ever dedicated aquatics and athletics centre. But just because the campus has never had its own swimming pool doesn’t mean its students haven’t excelled at water sports over the years.

Mentorship shows students they belong

Kurt Kleiner

UTSC is an intellectual and cultural hub in the eastern GTA, but it is also located close to many marginalized communities with young people who often do not consider college or university.

Discuss: Health Education for Tomorrow

In Canada and around the world, issues involving human health and the delivery of healthcare cut across a wide range of social, political and scientific perspectives.

The energetic edge of existence

Kenneth Welch

While conducting my PhD thesis, I spent several summers working before dawn on a subalpine meadow at the Valentine Easter Sierra Reserve (VESR).

To Restore a Masterpiece

Jim Robb.
Andrew Westoll

To walk through a forest with conservationist Jim Robb (BSc, 1978) is to be given a first-class education.

A powerful bond

Simpson lab NMR
Andrew Westoll

In the basement of the Science Research Building at the University of Toronto Scarborough, behind a heavy steel door and surrounded by several feet of reinforced concrete, sit two hulking gods.

The science of bath salts

Bath salts.
Suzanne Erb

In the wake of sensationalized media reports over the past year, the term “bath salts” has taken on a whole new meaning.

The Bone Matrix and the Narwhal

Rene Harrison

Osteoporosis is known as the “silent thief.” It slowly robs people of their bone mass and density, and there are few symptoms until a catastrophic fracture occurs.