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UTSC faculty pulled in 24 awards when the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) announced its funding decisions for 2011. The prestigious awards included 17 NSERC Discovery grants, three Research Tools and Instruments grants and one Northern Research Supplement. In total, UTSC scientists received more than $3.1 million in NSERC funding.

The following winners of Discovery grants also received Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS)—Professor of Biology and Vice-Principal of Research Malcolm Campbell; Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Mathew Wells; and incoming psychology faculty member Andy Lee.

DAS grants, which are valued at $120,000 over three years, are awarded to top-ranked researchers who have been judged by their peers to show strong potential for becoming international leaders in their field, and whose research proposals explore novel, transformative or paradigm-shifting concepts and questions. NSERC awarded 123 DAS grants across Canada this year.